Hollyoaks: “Sienna’s stalker reveal is one of the most exciting scenes I’ve ever filmed!” – Anna Passey teases huge twists ahead

We talk British Soap Awards, losing sympathy for Sienna and more with the star


Hollyoaks’ troubled heroine Sienna Blake is currently the victim of a terrifying hate campaign as a sinister stalker lurks in the village plotting against her.


At first it looked likely ex-lover Warren Fox was behind the break-ins and text messages, but next week the stalker unleashes more misery for the menaced mum that leaves her even more scared and confused than ever.

The spooky storyline caps off another eventful 12 months for one of the soap’s consistently popular characters, which has seen Sienna beat cancer, then lie about it returning to keep her boyfriend, go into labour while being held hostage and giving birth to twins only for one of them to be kidnapped at just a few hours old, all of which has earned Anna Passey a Best Actress nomination in the British Soap Awards longlist.

We caught up with Passey to discuss the stalking, the deceit, and what that flash forward to Sienna’s funeral means for her future on the show…


How does it feel to be nominated?
I’m really happy. It’s always lovely to be nominated for something but the Best Actress category at the Soap Awards is very esteemed so I’m really chuffed to be up for it again.

What kind of a year would you say Sienna’s had?
A challenging one, and exceptionally awful for her to go through, but I’ve really enjoyed the storylines. Although lying about having cancer to keep Joel was a terrible thing for her to do. I loved how truthful and sensitive Sienna’s cancer storyline was, then she has to go and ruin it! Even I ran out of sympathy for her with that, but I think as soon as she said it, she regretted it immediately. It wasn’t classic scheming Sienna, she blurted it out but knew she’d gone too far. We’ve seen her struggle with the guilt and trying to come clean but not wanting to risk the only thing she has left which is Joel.

Now she’s got a stalker, how long until we find out who it is?
Do you know this is the first time Sienna’s had a stalker? She’s always been the one doing the stalking, now she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. It does play out a little longer, there are a few curves before we know. When I read it I got goosebumps, it’s one of the most exciting scenes I have ever filmed. The audience will be picking their jaws up off the floor!


Have you read any fan theories about who it might be?
Loads of people think it’s Nico, lots are saying it’s Warren and we’ve had the odd theory Danny Mac is coming back as Dodger. Maybe he’ll show up wearing his tap shoes after doing Strictly!

What can you tell us about next week’s twists with the stalker?
She gets a creepy teddy bear with a message sent to her. When I read the scene I was picturing a horrific bear but it’s actually quite nice! Obviously with the baby going missing and this being a child’s toy Sienna wonders what’s going on, then it all goes a bit horror film – you press the bear’s tummy and it plays a message warning her someone knows she’s lying about the cancer. Then Sienna gets an email sent to her phone and laptop countdown clock, but what is it counting down to? It drives her up the wall, from then Sienna is trapped in a nightmare.


Do you think Sienna deserves to be punished for her past behaviour?
She has done some terrible things, but I feel like she had the most awful comeuppance when baby Sophie was taken. At that point we have to re-set and cut her some slack – I don’t think anything worse could’ve happened to Sienna than the horror of losing a child. Put the stalking on top of that and she starts to lose the plot a bit.

Is the countdown clock connected to the flash forward scene of Sienna’s funeral?
It does all tie in together, obviously Sienna hasn’t had the benefit the audience have had of seeing the flash forward – she missed that episode, she was out lying about having cancer! So she has no idea what’s ahead and is wondering what the clock means – is she going to get her baby back? Is something bad about to happen to her?

What was the reaction to the flash forward?
It was huge which I’m glad about, imagine if we’d announced my funeral and no one had cared! Lots of people are saying, ‘surely not?’. I’m trying to avoid talking about it too much…


If you could pick one thing for Sienna’s future, what would it be?
For her to get her child back. No matter what, she deserves that bit of happiness, even it’s just to have her for a moment. When you list everything that poor woman’s been through, she should have a medal for getting up in the morning. Cut her some slack!

Has there been a divide among fans as to whether Joel should be with Sienna or Cleo?
I assumed going in we’d all be Team Cleo across the board, as I was, but it’s been very split. What’s surprising is some fans are saying neither of them should be with Joel! He’s a good friend at times to both, but he changes his mind so often he doesn’t know what he wants. Both girls are very fragile and the pair of them can’t be relying on Joel simultaneously. So maybe both relationships are cursed? For me, Joel and Cleo are a gorgeous pairing, they’re the ones who should be together, but I also think before that can happen everyone involved needs a bit of intervention and professional help.

Finally, who at Hollyoaks deserves a soap award?
Fay who works in the make-up department. This year between Sienna’s wigs and the bald cap the poor lady has had a job and a half and deserves credit! For commitment to Sienna’s ever-changing scalp, I’d give her an award.

The British Soap Awards 2018 airs on ITV in early June. Click here to vote in the longlist – voting closes at 5pm on 24 April and reopens for shortlisted nominees at 10am on 1 May.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Hollyoaks below.


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