Coronation Street: Eva leaves as Simon blackmails Toyah over baby scam – what happens next?

How long before the secret is out?


Pregnant Eva Price has fled Coronation Street, but her and Toyah Battersby’s baby plot is under threat after Simon Barlow revealed he knows about their big secret.


Upset after ex Aidan Connor didn’t believe he was the father of the baby she told him she was carrying, Eva decided to stick to her and Toyah’s plan that she give birth in secret away from Weatherfield then pass the baby off as Toyah’s surrogate’s, who miscarried a few months ago.


Lying to Aidan that Adam Barlow is the real dad and pretended it was Aidan’s in an attempt to get financial security for her child, emotional Eva left earlier than planned to her country cottage hideout where she’ll sit tight until the baby comes.

Managing to deflect partner Peter’s suspicions something was up, Toyah maintained the deceit that Jacqui was still pregnant, not having had the heart to tell him the truth which inspired her scheme with Eva in the first place when she discovered her unwanted pregnancy.

As Eva departed under the pretence of going to America for a ‘beauty course’, and Aidan made things even more awkward by apologising for his reaction, Simon collared his dad’s girlfriend and admitted he overheard her and Eva talking and knows they’re hiding something – what’s more, he owned up to nicking £20 from her purse but threatened Toyah to say nothing unless she wants him to blab.


With Aidan in the know about Eva’s pregnancy but sworn to secrecy, and sinister Simon’s blackmail, how long before the bonkers baby scam is exposed?

Next week, Toyah visits Eva at the cottage and tells her Simon’s on to them – can he be contained?

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