Emmerdale: Graham has a secret daughter! But is she dead?

Is this a tease of the tragic past set to be exposed next week?


Emmerdale has provided a glimpse into man of mystery Graham Foster’s secret past, revealing he has a daughter – but his reaction at her being mentioned by employer Joe Tate implied something tragic has happened to her.


Tonight’s double bill focused on Cain Dingle attempting revenge on the Tate tycoon for blackmailing daughter Debbie into being in a relationship with him by threatening to tell the police her involvement in the acid attack that scarred Ross Barton.

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As Cain got violent, Graham made one of his spectacular entrances seemingly out of nowhere and decked the Dingle dad to stop him attacking Joe.

Sending Cain packing, along with Debbie who had come to Home Farm to speak with Joe, Graham chastised Mr Tate for his behaviour and pointed out he got off lightly.

“If you treated my daughter like that I’d have turned up with something a lot worse than a hammer,” he growled. “If only your daughter with us I’m sure she’d love to see what a protective father you are,” hissed cruel Joe – provoking a furious reaction from his manservant.

“Never, never use my past against me do you understand?” he growled after punching him. “I live with it every day…”

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Andrew Scarborough told RadioTimes.com earlier this week his character is set to open up to Debbie in next week’s episodes and viewers will at last learn some disturbing details of his tragic past. “He’s carrying a lot with him,” he teased. “Graham has seen a lot of bad things.”

Will we discover more about his daughter, who has never been mentioned until now? Is she still alive? Or did she meet a tragic fate that shaped who Graham is today? And does Graham have any more family out there?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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