Neighbours: “Fans want Jack and Paige back together!” Andrew Morley interview

A special four-hander episode exposing the affair airs next week

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Two Ramsay Street romances reach crisis point in Neighbours next week as Jack Callahan and Paige Smith’s secret night of passion is exposed to their other halves, Steph Scully and Mark Brennan.


In a special episode focusing solely on the four characters airing on Monday 19 February, the fallout of the fling is explored as both couples battle with the bombshell when it’s revealed during a glamping trip.

Steph overhears her boyfriend discussing the dalliance with his ex and storms off, while oblivious Mark plans to propose to Paige in the romantic countryside setting. Guilt-ridden Paige then confesses to Mark as Jack begs the mother of his child to make a proper go of things…

Andrew Morley, who plays Jack, gives the inside story of next week’s emotional four-hander, and what the future holds for Erinsborough’s complicated love square.

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Do Jack and Paige regret sleeping together?
At that moment and with Gabe in front of them, everything felt so right and they went for it. That gave Jack hope but afterwards Paige wants to bury it and forget it happened. This hurts Jack who wants to tell Steph, even though he knows she’d be upset, but Paige is not of the same mindset and regrets it. She tells him to be happy with Steph and move on, so Jack decides to accept this and take Steph away on a glamping trip – but then who should be there but Paige and Mark…

Does Jack think there’s any future with Steph?
No. He doesn’t try to fight his feelings and it’s clear he wants a happy ever after with Paige and their son. The reason he left the priesthood was so they could be a proper family. Sadly she doesn’t feel the same, Paige is deeply in love with Mark but Jack is hoping they won’t last! Then he finds out Mark intends to propose on the glamping trip.

How does Jack feel about Mark?
Jack has a lot of respect for him, he’s nice guy and a great role model for Gabe. However he wasn’t thinking of Mark’s feelings when he slept with Paige, although Jack is upset that he’s hurt the guy. Paige truly wants to settle down with Mark, but she knows what she did with Jack and her mind is in two places at once…

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Does Jack think he can convince Paige to choose him over Mark?
He thinks he can make her see they should be together. There’s clearly something between them after their secret night, there’s always been this push-and-pull in the relationship and they did end up in each other’s arms. Plus they have a child. So if there is something between them, why don’t they give it a go? Paige is not sold and needs to explore how she feels herself…

Who do you think the audience wants Paige to be with?
Most of the feedback suggests fans want Jack and Paige to be together. It was hard playing the Steph and Jack relationship because it didn’t have the substance he had with Paige, so naturally the audience isn’t going to believe in it as much. I loved working with Carla Bonner (Steph) as we get on great and hang out a lot. But the audience will want Jack with Paige, though Paige is committed to Mark who is a great guy and a lovable character… Fans will be torn as no one is the villain here, and everyone ends up getting hurt in some way.

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Were you excited to be in an episode focusing on just four characters?
We were all thrilled, but very nervous initially as it’s different from a regular episode. I’m chuffed I got the opportunity and I’ll be interested to see the response. We filmed the whole thing out on a beautiful location for a couple of days, we all loved doing it. The episode has a lot of substance and drama – it should be pretty cool!

What you can tease about the future for these four characters?
There’s no coming back for Jack and Steph. Jack is holding onto hope that Paige and Mark end things but he doesn’t want to put pressure on her. There will be many broken hearts and Olympia (Valance, aka Paige) is leaving the show, but that doesn’t mean the end of the storyline – you feel there is something more to it…


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.