Emmerdale: Debbie finally visits Ross after acid attack – but doesn’t confess she’s to blame

Emotional Deb was confronted with Ross's injuries


Debbie Dingle was confronted with the consequences of the acid attack she indirectly inflicted on Ross Barton in tonight’s Emmerdale when she visited her ex in hospital – and almost confessed she was to blame for putting him there.


After days of avoiding him, guilt-ridden Deb was desperate to visit Ross in the aftermath of having the corrosive substance deliberately thrown in his face, despite dad Cain’s fearing it was too much and that she needed to stop torturing herself.

Upset Ross had noted her absence to big brother Pete, and it was emotional when the pair came face to face, with Deb choking back the tears that the brooding Barton assumed were purely at seeing his injuries for the first time.


It was unbearable for Debbie as Ross warned her to be careful that the dodgy guy he noticed hanging round the garage last week could be his attacker and may still be out there – unaware Debbie ordered the attack from drug dealer Simon but that Joe Tate was the intended victim, and Ross was in the wrong place at the worst time.

As the pair hugged and Ross vowed they’d find whoever did this to him, Debbie struggled to contain her remorse and almost told Ross everything. We then saw frantic Cain race down the hospital corridor and into his daughter, who shamefully revealed to her panicking parent she couldn’t bring herself to come clean…

Next week, unstable Ross discharges himself from hospital and vows to track down his assailant, as Pete fears for his sibling’s state of mind and self-destructive behaviour. How would Ross react if he discovered the truth about Debbie’s involvement in the attack that could leave him permanently disfigured?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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