Neighbours: fake Dee is back! Toadie gets a shock in next week’s bonus episode

News reaches Erinsborough of imposter Andrea Somers


Neighbours airs a new tease in the ongoing Dee Bliss storyline next week as Toadie Rebecchi makes a shock discovery that turns his world upside down.


The sensational plot is revisited in the special bonus late-night ‘Hit and Run’ episode which hits our screens on Monday 12 February and centres around Toadie’s 90s themed birthday party.

Several old faces return for the celebration, including Stu Parker, but when Jarrod’s former housemate delivers a speech at the bash in honour of the birthday boy full of inappropriate jokes about Andrea Somers, the imposter who posed as Dee and wrecked Toadie’s marriage to Sonya, Mr Rebecchi is stung to be reminded of his indiscretion.

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Having a moment to himself away from the jollity, Toadie is stunned to come face-to-face with bitter ex Sindi Watts, who was in on the Andrea/Dee scam, who tells him that her old accomplice Andrea is back in the country. The last we heard of the sneaky Ms Somers was when her teenage daughter Willow turned up revealing she’d abandoned her scheming mother and left her in London.

Sindi gives Andrea’s number to Toadie and leaves him to digest the bombshell, and the reeling Rebecchi is about to chuck it in the bin – only he can’t quite bring himself to do it…

Will Toadie be tempted to contact Andrea? And what about the brief, intriguing glimpses of what could be either been Andrea or the real Dee, first last August with a mystery man in an unknown location away from Erinsborough, then in the Christmas cliffhanger where she watched Toadie and Sonya’s vow renewal from afar?


Does next week’s news mean Andrea is returning to Ramsay Street? And will the saga of whether the real Dee actually died be revisited?


Neighbours airs the special hour-long extra episode on Monday 12 February at 10pm on Channel 5, and continues weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.