EastEnders: Johnny Carter exits – but leaves Mick to die?

Has Jonny left the Carters in great danger?


Mick and Linda Carter said goodbye to son Johnny in tonight’s EastEnders – little realising that they were in danger from an irate Aidan Maguire.


The Irish gangster has now threatened to kill Mick after discovering that he’d been duped in scenes just shown on the BBC1 soap.

Monday’s episode saw the Carters lie to Aidan after a quick-thinking Johnny came up with a plan to explain away the cash they’d used to buy back the Queen Vic’s freehold.

Aidan was told that the money had been raised by selling a medal given to Mick’s great uncle Perry Carter – a soldier who had actually been invented for an old GCSE history project of Johnny’s.

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Despite his obvious doubts, Aidan was unable to fault the Carters’ version of events, while Johnny – satisfied that his family was now safe – left in a cab to start his new life in Manchester.

However, this evening’s cliffhanger found Aidan discovering that he’d been fed a pack of lies after Mel told him that Halfway had spun her a story about a scratch card win.

Aidan then lost his rag completely and threw a chair across the room before vowing to end Mick’s life! So has the landlord now landed himself in even greater danger? And what retribution will Aidan end up taking?


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