Hollyoaks: Kim rumbles Ryan’s killer secret!

She knows he killed Amy and tried to bum off Tegan, but is she next?


Hollyoaks killer Ryan Knight’s crimes are one step closer to being exposed next week when Kim Butterfield discovers he murdered Amy Barnes and tried to do the same to Tegan Lomax.


As Leela Lomax suspects there was more to the incident that put her sister in a coma and she didn’t just drink herself into a stupor, she and Kim root around Ryan’s flat where Teegs was found for any clues – and come across the nurse’s misplaced mobile.

Looking on the phone, the girls notice Tegan called Kim on the day she was discovered, but as Kim’s phone is broken and being repaired in the emporium they have no idea the pending voicemail recorded Ryan’s entire confession and murder attempt as the handset was dropped behind a cabinet just as Tegan dialled Kim and DS Knight entered the flat.

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Ryan panics when Leela tells him about the recovered phone and mysterious voicemail and tries to get the mobile before Kim can – but Ms Butterfield is one step ahead and when Ryan calls at the Maaliks to talk to her in next Wednesday’s E4 episode, she reveals she’s heard the message and knows everything…

What will Kim do with the info that Ryan killed his wife on their wedding night when she discovered he’d cheated on her with a man, then tried to silence Tegan permanently when she found out? Is Kim in danger, or is Ryan the one who should be worried?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.