Emmerdale: Tracy cheats after showdown with David over Leyla?

Handyman Phil catches Tracy's eye in next week's episodes - but is he to be trusted?


Emmerdale fans can expect further ructions in David and Tracy’s marriage next week thanks to the discovery of some incriminatory text messages.


The upcoming drama sees the loved-up pair returning from a trip to Paris, but we shouldn’t expect the good mood to last long.

A flustered David will be seen trying unsuccessfully to find his phone as he prepares to head off to a convention in Harrogate. But when Tracy eventually locates the mobile, she’s gobsmacked to see a text from Leyla.

As we know, David recently slept with Leyla before she left the village for Mykonos – so could this be the moment that Tracy discovers all about her husband’s infidelity?


What viewers will see is Tracy initially trying to hide her upset, but eventually deciding to confront David about the situation.

However, just as she’s about to raise the issue, they’re interrupted by local handyman Phil – and an angry Tracy instead opts to get revenge by flirtatiously asking the guy for a drink!

Several glasses later in the Woolpack, an anxious Vanessa is being called to take an immovable Tracy away. And while she seems reluctant to go, Tracy does eventually return to David to tell him that she knows all about Leyla. But will she be appeased by his explanation?


And what of handyman Phil in all this? Although he appears – on the surface, at least – to be nothing more than a distraction from Tracy’s marriage problems, certain questions look set to be raised about his motivations.

Why, for instance, is Phil looking at an old picture of a younger Tracy on his phone? Who is Phil and is he to be trusted?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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