Emmerdale: Chrissie White killed in car crash – Louise Marwood reacts to her explosive exit

“Dying was great fun!” reveals the actress

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Emmerdale has killed off Chrissie White in a dramatic car crash that also claimed the life of her father Lawrence, and put little sister Rebecca in a coma.


Troubled teen Lachlan had an altercation with his mum in the car as they chased after Robert Sugden who had abducted baby Seb, scuppering the Whites’ plan to sneak off for a new life in Australia.

Discovering his parent had interfered in his relationship with Belle Dingle, vengeful Lucky’s lashing out caused Chrissie to lose control of the wheel and crash into a lorry.

Chrissie’s death marks the departure of Louise Marwood, who joined the show in 2014 – talking to RadioTimes.com on location when the stunt was filmed, she reacts to her final scenes and reflects on her Emmerdale highlights.

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How did you feel about your exit story?

It’s so well written and brilliantly done. And it was really fun, dying – which is a weird thing to say! There was a lot of care taken to end the relationship between Chrissie and her son Lachlan without being too sentimental. It was done in a really lovely way.

What was the car crush stunt like to film?

Amazing, and probably the most fun I’ve had during my time on the show. It was freezing on location! I had three layers of thermals on and a hot water bottle underneath. But it was exciting, that car looked really bad, didn’t it? I had to do some pretend driving while a lorry in front actually drives, which I’ve never done before. It’s all fun stuff and different.

How did they film you spinning around inside the car?

They put the car on a metal frame called a gimble then spun it around. Really fun! So much work went into it.

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Did you have stunt doubles?

Yes, they were great. Sometimes, they’re very different to what you actually look like – on one of the other stunts we did, I saw a double for Robert who was about five foot tall and looked nothing like him which was quite funny! But they do an amazing job, it must be terrifying.

Did you do any of it yourself?

I did do some driving before the crash and people were terrified. Someone said if I carried on at that speed someone would crash – that was their comment on my actual driving skills!

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Are you sad to be leaving?

Very sad, we’ve all become so close in the White family, John Bowe (Lawrence), Tom Atkinson (Lachlan) and Ryan Hawley (Robert) joined at the same time and it feels like Emily Head (Rebecca) has been here all the time too. Obviously we’ll stay friends forever but I’m not going to see them every day so that will take a while to sink in. And I’ll miss the crew and everybody who works on the show, it’s an amazing team of people. I have never met a team like it in my life and I may never again.

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What were your Emmerdale highlights?

Definitely this crash but I also loved being a bitch, that was really fun. I got to say some awful things to people which was such a release to be able to say things that you would never say in real life! You could tell they really enjoyed writing that stuff for Chrissie.

Chrissie came into the show with Robert, and now he’s part of her exit…

Yes, it’s all down to Robert Sugden as usual! It always comes back to those two. It’s full circle how he’s connected and ties up a lot of loose ends. The Whites just wanted to get away and have a clean slate. They were hoping there was a happy ending – but they obviously didn’t read the scripts!

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