EastEnders: Abi’s fate revealed as doctors say she’s “brain stem dead”

It's not looking good for the Branning sister

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Abi Branning’s diagnosis came in on tonight’s EastEnders – and it’s not looking good as far as her future goes. As fans saw on Christmas Day, Abi and sister Lauren took a fall from the roof of the Queen Vic as they tried to stop unhinged dad Max from committing suicide. But while Lauren appears to be making a recovery having now regained consciousness, things now seem awfully bleak for her sibling.

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A doctor tonight told Max that Abi is now “brain steam dead”, a term which means that she’s permanently lost the potential for consciousness as well as the capacity to breathe. A ventilator is now keeping Abi’s heart beating and oxygen circulating through her bloodstream.

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Mum Tanya has yet to be told the news (what with her being strangely absent from her daughter’s hospital bedside). But with show boss John Yorke having already warned of a death this festive season, we’d suggest that she hurry back to Walford General, preferably before Twelfth Night…

So will Abi be about to meet her maker before 2017 is through? Or will there be a last-minute twist to the drama?


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