Emmerdale: Adam confesses to killing Emma – as he takes the rap for Moira’s crime

The police believe they've got Emma's killer - but Adam is an innocent man


Adam has tonight confessed to killing Emma in tonight’s Emmerdale, despite being entirely innocent of the crime. As viewers know, Adam’s mum Moira is the guilty party, though investigating officers failed to believe her confession when she turned up unexpectedly at the police station in Thursday’s double bill.


Fans will no doubt now be fearing that Adam will now be sent to prison, thus paving the way for actor Adam Thomas to exit the ITV soap.


In the run-up to Adam taking the rap, Cain was seen telling investigating officers that Moira was not of sound mind and that any statement she made should not be taken at face value.

So when Moira then took DS Benton and DC Wilson through events on the fateful afternoon that Emma met her maker, they didn’t give credence to her confession.

Instead, the police told Adam what Moira had done in the hope that it would force him into ‘fessing up. Realising that his mum had done the wicked deed, Adam opted to be the fall guy and lied about having got into an argument with Emma at the viaduct that resulted in her untimely demise.

Adam was last seen crying in his police cell, while an angry Moira was handed her freedom despite pleas that she be taken into custody.

So will the detectives remain convinced of Adam’s guilt? And is Moira set to be driven deeper into despair after not being believed?

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