Emmerdale: Aaron makes a heartbreaking confession to Alex as their romance hots up

The boys seal it with a kiss on Christmas Day, but what about Robert?


Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle finally has something to smile about this Christmas when his romance with hunky doctor Alex Mason looks like it’s getting properly serious. Has the moody mechanic found true love at last?


The romance threatened to be derailed with Aaron’s struggle to be intimate as he was scared of his new fella’s reaction to the physical scars from his self-harming, and on Christmas Day Alex turns up at the Dingles and suggests the couple should spend some time apart.

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Realising he’s pushing him away, Aaron convinces Alex to stay and celebrate the festive season Dingle-style – sealing it with a kiss to prove he doesn’t want him to go.

On Boxing Day, Aaron arranges to meet Alex for a drink and is forced to confront his residual feelings for Robert Sugden – is it really over between the pair?

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It looks that way as Aaron opens up to Alex about his self-harm scars and confesses all – following a pep talk from granny Faith who empathises with his predicament – and he’s delighted when the dishy doc appreciates his brave honesty and things get passionate between the pair.

Meanwhile, Robert is having his own dramas having been reminded of his estrangement from Aaron and facing the reality of never seeing baby son Seb again. Will he turn to his ex and end up ruining Aaron and Alex’s blossoming relationship?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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