EastEnders: Willmott-Brown evicts the Carters – after revealing he owns the Vic! What happens next?

What next for Mick and Linda following the Weyland bombshell?

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Scheming James Willmott-Brown has served the Carters with an eviction notice in tonight’s EastEnders after revealing that he is now the real owner of the Queen Vic.


Mick and Linda had the tables turned on them in Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap after mistakenly believing that they’d come up with the £50,000 needed for repairs.

When Willmott-Brown told them that the bill was actually for £60,000, the Carters explained that Fi Browning had reduced what they owed by £10,000, only for her to deny that she’d done any such thing.

In full view of all the pub regulars, villainous JWB then explained that he was the head of Weyland & Co and that his company owned Grafton Hill – all of which made him the true proprietor of the pub.

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The news came as a shock to all the locals, but especially to Carmel Kazemi, who had been expecting her so-called boyfriend Max Branning to propose.

But when he actually arrived on the scene with his Weyland colleagues, Max took great delight in revealing that he is actually in a relationship with the duplicitous Fi.

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Viewers will now have to wait to see whether Mick and Linda end up on the streets, while a question mark also hangs over the future of the pub thanks to Weyland’s plans to bulldoze it.

However, executive consultant John Yorke did recently reveal to Radio Times that the conspirators will pay the price for their actions over Christmas:

“All of those involved in the plot to buy up and build over Albert Square get their spectacular comeuppance.

“The story kicks off at the end of November and rapidly builds to a Christmas climax – with the events on Christmas Day laying down the shape of Albert Square for years to come.”

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