EastEnders: Mick Carter gets involved with new villain Aidan Maguire

What does Phil Mitchell's ex-cellmate want with the landlord?

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New EastEnders villain Aidan Maguire is set to befriend Mick Carter, but is the landlord being drawn into something decidedly dodgy?


Irish gangster Aidan, played by Hollywood star Patrick Bergin, makes his screen debut tomorrow night (Monday 27 November), as he visits ex-cellmate Phil Mitchell and reveals he’s come to Walford looking for help on an upcoming job.

With Phil trying to keep on the straight and narrow he resists Aidan’s offer, but when Vincent Hubbard is recruited he feels left out and shows signs of being tempted back into a life of crime…

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In new pictures just released, Aidan sits with Mick upstairs at the Vic after Mr Carter saves him from being mugged and takes him back home to recover from the incident. As the two gents get to know each other, Mick opens up about his money worries that have severely tested his family and driven him close to losing his beloved pub.

Aidan hints about his own dodgy past, luring an intrigued Mick to ask more… Following their encounter, Aidan is left with an idea. But are his intentions towards Mick all that they seem? Is he trying to entice the nice guy to turn bad? Or is there a previous link in the characters’ past about to come to light?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Friday 8 December on BBC1.

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