Emmerdale: Lawrence to have a “complete breakdown” after discovering Robert’s deceit, says John Bowe

There's a painful time ahead for the Home Farm patriarch


Emmerdale star John Bowe has revealed that his character Lawrence White will be pushed to the brink after Robert’s duplicity is exposed.


The scheming Mr Sugden has hoodwinked all the Whites and even duped Lawrence into thinking that he’s spent the night with him – all in order to get his hands on Home Farm.

But when Robert’s true colours are revealed, the person who looks set to suffer the most is poor Lawrence. “There’s going to come a breaking point where his exasperation at what has been done to him will take him to the area that no one wants to go – which is complete breakdown and anger,” said Bowe.


Speaking about Lawrence’s ‘affair’ with his former son-in-law, the actor added: “It’s terribly difficult for him. But Lawrence’s desire to have some reciprocated love in his life has blinded him to the folly of this bizarre situation. His need to have something of emotional value in his life has clouded his view.”

And yet despite Robert having gone to extreme lengths to get what he wants, Bowe still believes that Lawrence could forgive him for what he’s done. “I think he could. Lawrence has got a very big heart. He could forgive anybody anything.”

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