EastEnders: Patrick Bergin arrives as villain Aidan – new plotline details revealed

Why is Aidan meeting with both Phil and Vincent?

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5607

Sleeping with the Enemy star Patrick Bergin makes his EastEnders debut next week, playing new bad guy Aidan Joseph Patrick Maguire.

Described by show bosses as “a charismatic old-school villain”, Maguire is an old prison cellmate of Phil Mitchell’s, the pair having formed a strong friendship during their time inside.
EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5605

Scenes to be shown on Monday 27 November see Phil left delighted when Aidan arrives out of the blue. After introducing himself to a bewildered Sharon, Aidan soon departs, leaving Phil wondering what has brought him to Albert Square.

But he soon gets a sizeable clue after spotting Aidan chatting with one-time-villain-turned-police-grass Vincent Hubbard. Just what is going on?

EastEnders - October-December 2017 - 5607

Later in the week, Phil bumps into Aidan and starts digging for information about why he met with Vincent. Aidan then explains that he needs Vincent’s help with a job – news that leaves Phil feeling very put out.

Wanting a piece of the action, Phil decides to meet again with Aidan in order to discuss his plans, but things grow heated when Vincent arrives. Will Phil decide to get involved with Aidan’s plan?

Speaking recently about his signing, creative director John Yorke said of Bergin’s casting: “EastEnders deserves the very best and in Patrick we are absolutely privileged to have a truly great actor join the show. It’s a huge honour to have him on board.”

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