Hollyoaks winter 2017 trailer sees Armstong return, plus Luke confront rapist Mark Gibbs

Get a sneak peek of all the drama on the soap in the run-up to Christmas

Armstrong returns 3

Hollyoaks has given fans a first look at all the drama coming up on the C4 and E4 soap in the run-up to Christmas. The brand-new winter 2017 trailer sees Armstrong make a comeback after languishing in jail since the climax of the recent murder trial, while Luke relives a past nightmare when he comes face to face with Mark Gibbs. Plus: is Mac about to get his just desserts? And Cindy makes a move on Tony….Here’s your full breakdown of all the plotlines featured in the promo, which you can also see in full below…


Return of Armstrong
Armstrong has been in prison since the Who Killed Amy trial, but as the festive season approaches, he will make contact with Milo in order to target the Cunninghams. Armstrong previously stalked Cindy and seems to have found out Milo’s darkest secret – that he killed Mr and Mrs Cunningham. Will Milo help Armstrong in order to protect himself?

Armstrong returns 2

Mark Gibbs and Luke Morgan
Luke hasn’t seen his rapist, Mark in 17 years until he spots him in Chester while on a day trip with Mandy. He’s forced to face his demons again when Mark turns up at the Osbornes’, but what has brought Mark to Luke’s door and what does he have planned?

Luke & Mark (1)

Mac’s attack
Mac seems to have got away with starting the explosion at Hollyoaks High School, until now… Jack Osborne walks in on Mac as he’s examining the nasty burn he got from the blast – will Jack put two and two together? Ellie tells everyone at The Dog that she’s given Mac an alibi, while James encourages Hunter to get revenge for Neeta and other characters stare menacingly at Mac when he brags that he’s “going nowhere”. Will one of them get justice when the police don’t?

Mac revenge (1)

Cindy makes a move on Tony…
That mischievous mistletoe causes problems this Yuletide when Cindy tries to kiss Tony but is caught by his fuming wife, Diane. During a fancy dress throwback party at The Loft, Cindy and Tony seem to get cosy on the dancefloor but when Diane turns up she orders Cindy to get her hands of her man. Tony has been keeping the secret that Harry ‘killed’ Amy from Diane and this has impacted heavily on their relationship – could Cindy’s actions be the final nail in the coffin for their marriage?

Cindy, Tony, Diane 2 (1)

Christmas romance
Love is in the air as Prince proposes to Lily, while Mandy proposes to Luke. However, what Mandy doesn’t know is that Luke is already married, which he revealed to Darren during the Hollyoaks High School explosion. Prince will also have to fight to get the approval of Lily’s guardians, Diane and Tony but will love conquer all? Meanwhile, Cleo and Brody sleep together.

Mandy proposes

Courtney in labour
Courtney Campbell goes into labour over the festive period but when Jesse and Tegan want to be by her side, manipulative Grannie Campbell is there to make sure they can’t get anywhere near her. Viewers have already seen that Grannie has lied about Courtney having pre-eclampsia and confiscated her mobile phone and wheelchair, and in the trailer she refuses to let Jesse and Tegan come to the hospital with her granddaughter.

Courtney in labour 1

You can watch the trailer in full below:


Official Hollyoaks Trailer: Winter 2017

Joy to the world, the Hollyoaks Winter Trailer's here! ❄️You better watch, to find out who's on the naughty or nice list this Christmas!

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