Emmerdale: Lachlan to go on power drill rampage?

Just what does Lachlan intend to do next?


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Emmerdale - Ep 7994

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Lachlan is hiding up in the attic and is secretly watching his family.  From his hiding place Lachlan then hears Rebecca talk about Rug Tree Bonds with Robert and is sickened to know she knows about his scam.)

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Emmerdale fans were left with a disturbing cliffhanger to deal with tonight as troubled Lachlan White was glimpsed brandishing a power drill.


Monday’s episode of the ITV soap saw Lachlan’s world fall apart after Aaron accused him of displaying threatening behaviour around baby Seb.

As Belle digested the shock news, Aaron followed up with the revelation that Lachlan had recently paid for the services of a prostitute.

Belle was left distraught when Lachlan found himself unable to deny the accusation and gave him the boot.


Lachlan then chastised mum Chrissie for failing to support him as well as Aaron for what he saw as his and Robert’s attempts to ruin his life.

This evening’s drama then ended with Lachlan messaging Chrissie with the news that he was never going to return, while Belle was sent a goodbye voicemail message.


But as we cut to Lachlan, we saw the unpredictable teen testing out a power drill – his use for the tool currently remaining unclear. Does he intend to wreak grisly revenge on those who he thinks have wronged him? Or will the drill be used for another purpose entirely?


As can be seen from the picture above, Lachlan has drilled a hole in some floorboards. But who is he looking down upon? And what is he hoping to see?

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