Emmerdale: did you see Marlon make a filthy faux pas? Watch the scene!

Loving those goolies...

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Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle never lets us down in the comedy department, but tonight he really excelled himself with a verbal blunder that had viewers in stitches.


At a bake sale to raise money for young Leo, the Woolpack chef put his cakes on display, only to get tongue-tied in front of the school’s new headmistress.

“Feast your eyes on my goolies!” said a hapless Marlon, having meant to say ‘goodies’. The innuendo came, of course, just one day after Rhona made some snake-like cakes that had fans laughing about their somewhat phallic appearance.

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But, if you ask us, headteacher Jessie Grant took a bit of a shine to Marlon’s bumbling. Once she realised that he was single and not actually Paddy’s partner, of course…

If you missed Marlon being left red-faced, then you can check out the scene in full below.

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CLIP: Marlon fancies Jessie (15 Nov 2017)

REPLAY: Marlon stumbles over his words when Jessie shows up…watch a clip now #Emmerdale

Posted by Emmerdale on Wednesday, November 15, 2017