EastEnders: Gethin Pryce leaves following showdown with Sonia

The music teacher hit all the wrong notes in tonight's episode

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Walford High music teacher Gethin Pryce (Cerith Finn) has left town following the exposure in tonight’s EastEnders of his secret kiss with pupil Bex Fowler.


Gethin’s decision to tell partner Sonia that Bex had kissed him backfired spectacularly when he found himself unable to deny that he’d reciprocated the snog.

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Following an evening spent drowning his sorrows in the Vic, a drunk Gethin was accompanied home by Jack, who was left disgusted when he discovered all about what had been going on.

After being evicted by Jack from his flat, Mr Pryce left town – Sonia learning the next day that he’d packed his bags and resigned from the school.

Later this week, Bex also opens up to Louise, who is convinced that something pretty major is troubling her friend.

Worried by the depth of Bex’s feelings for Gethin, Louise tries to provide a distraction in the form of Shakil. But Louise’s attempts to play matchmaker backfire when Shakil also discovers all about Bex and Mr Pryce.

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Carmel then senses that all is not well with Shakil, who admits that Bex spurned him for a teacher. And pretty soon, the interfering Ms Kazemi has put her foot in it with the Fowlers.

True to form, Martin gets angry when he learns about what happened between his daughter and Gethin. But how will he react when Bex owns up about having initiated the kiss?

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