Neighbours: Hamish Roche found dead! But who killed him?

A 'whodunit' kicks off in Ramsay Street next week


There’s a gruesome discovery in Neighbours next Monday when a dead body is found floating in the Cannings’ hot tub – and it’s none other than Tyler Brennan’s long-lost dad, Hamish Roche!


After a series of shock revelations exposing Hamish’s true agenda to con money from the Erinsborough locals, go on the run with the cash and isolate Tyler from his family, Mr Roche is public enemy number one.

Then comes the possibility he had something to do with Russell Brennan’s recent death – the man who’s wife he had an affair with that resulted in Tyler being conceived, a secret kept from him and his brothers until after Russell’s passing.

Neighbours Week 45 Ep 7727 - Steph makes a grim discovery - Embargo 30 October jh

Hamish’s vendetta against the Brennans runs dangerously deep, and as secret lover Louise McLeod awakes after being drugged by her poisonous partner she makes some staggering admissions about her man’s true colours.

Faced with a massive betrayal from the father he thought he’d started to bond with, Tyler confronts Hamish and the pair have a blazing row. But it turns out Ty is the last person to see Hamish alive as the next morning, Steph Scully discovers his corpse floating in the spa tub at Gary and Sheila’s!

Neighbours Week 45 Ep 7727 - Steph makes a grim discovery - Embargo 30 October jh

Ramsay Street is soon a crime scene crawling with cops and forensic teams as a murder investigation begins – but who’s looking guilty? As Hamish had riled most of Erinsborough in recent weeks, the list of suspects grows by the day. Apart from his beef with the Brennans, the Canning clan also had it in for Hamish as it emerged he’d been two-timing Sheila with Louise.

Neighbours have confirmed this launches a major ‘whodunit’ plot set to run and run… So who are your bets on as to the identity of the Erinsborough killer?


Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.