Emmerdale: Laurel is officially a murder suspect – “Emma could have driven her to the brink” says Charlotte Bellamy

The actress reveals all about being in the frame


‘Who killed Emmerdale’s Emma Barton?’ is the big question on everyone’s lips at the moment, and next week the whodunit really gets going as some of the suspects have a flashback to the day the murdering medic died, revealing new information and possible new motives.


One surprising addition to the line-up of potential killers is Laurel Thomas, a woman with more reason than most to want Emma gone after she manipulated her entire family but who so far has been discounted due to the fact she was out of town on the day in question.

Except it turns out she wasn’t, as next week stepdaughter Gabby finds a train ticket in Laurel’s bag and questions if she was actually in the village when the murder happened after all, despite claiming she was visiting her sister.

Laurel then makes secret calls to her sibling and pal Bob Hope begging them to stick to the stories they’ve already agreed on… What has Laurel got to hide? Could she be covering up for Gabby who is also acting suspiciously next week, much to her mother Bernice White’s concern? We caught up with Charlotte Bellamy on set recently to discuss the possibility of the sweet-natured vicar’s wife becoming a cold-blooded killer…


How does it feel to be on the suspects shortlist?

Well, I’m not surprised! Let’s face it, Emma has got under everyone’s skin and what she did to Laurel is unforgivable. It’s not only the footage of her manipulating Ashley and his dementia into keeping quiet about seeing her kill James – that scene was just so awful and twisted – but it’s also what she did to Arthur. I’ve had so many people asking me when Laurel was going to get her own back on Emma! But she did annoy a lot of people, didn’t she? Not just Laurel.

What would be the catalyst to make Laurel kill?

The fact she mentally abused two people she loved who were very vulnerable – Ashley with his dementia and Arthur, who is a small boy. Laurel is a matriarchal figure who wants to protect her family so she could be driven to do drastic things.

Is she capable of murder or would it have been an accident?

That’s the thing, she has a very big heart so I’d question whether she’d purposely do anything like that. I really don’t know – you could see it either way. Emma is so conniving and she twisted everything. She could drive anyone to the brink of madness.


There are flashback scenes next week, what do they tell us about Laurel that we didn’t already know?

I can’t talk too much about that, other than it’s safe to say that things aren’t as they seem…

How would you feel if she did turn out to be a murderer, would it put a shelf life on the character?

You can never get too comfy, can you? The show is always the star and we all have a part to play so you never know whether you will be on the bus that crashes or if you’re the one who picks up the dagger! You can’t take anything for granted. We’re very lucky to be in this show, all of us.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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