EastEnders bombshell: Jane to leave Ian – what happens next?

Is the Beales' marriage truly over?

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Ian Beale has been left stunned in tonight’s EastEnders thanks to wife Jane telling him that their marriage is over.


After making plans for the two of them to leave Walford together, Ian was sent reeling by Jane’s insistence that she’s exiting on her own.

Jane’s change of heart came after another clandestine showdown with Max Branning, who once again threatened her safety should she and Ian depart together.

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For a while, it looked as though Max was faltering when it came to exacting revenge on those he feels have wronged him.

Jane even got him to admit that he is just a small cog in a much bigger wheel, a coded reference to Max’s puppet masters at Weyland & Co.

But, in the end, Max was left telling Jane that robbing her of her family was ‘natural justice’, seeing as she’d seen him imprisoned for killing Lucy, a crime that he didn’t commit.

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Friday’s episode of EastEnders will now see Ian struggling to come to terms with Jane’s shock news. But will he manage to halt her departure? Or is Ian about to face the implosion of yet another marriage?

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