EastEnders: will Jane report Max to the police? Here’s what happens next

Is the full truth about Max's duplicity about to be exposed?

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Jane Beale awoke from her coma in tonight’s EastEnders and revealed to Max Branning that she remembers everything that happened on the night of the fire that put her in hospital. But fans don’t yet know whether she’ll report what she knows to the police.


As viewers know, Max abandoned Jane in the burning Beales’ restaurant and also inadvertently caused Steven’s death from internal injuries after pushing him against a kitchen countertop.

For the past few weeks, Max has been lurking on the wards, waiting for Jane to wake up, so he can find out how much she recalls about their last fateful confrontation. And, as it turns out, he had good reason to be nervous, seeing as Jane is still fully aware as to what Max has been up to.

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After realising that Jane could now make things very difficult for him, Max made some not-so-veiled threats about what she could expect to happen should she blab.

But have Max’s words had their desired effect? At the moment, that appears to be the case, what with Jane later telling Ian that her memories of the fire are patchy. But might Jane have a rethink about what she wants to divulge?


Next week’s episodes of EastEnders see the police pushing Jane to share what she knows about who started the blaze. Cue her fearfully telling them about Steven’s actions – but keeping quiet about Max’s involvement.

Later on, Jane will be seen pleading with Ian to never make her return to the Square. But will the Beales really be making a fresh start together?

For a while, it looks as though this will be the case, with Ian breaking the news to Kathy of his plan to quit Albert Square to be nearer to Bobby and to sell the cafe to Weyland and Co.

But it seems that Max has his reasons for wanting Jane to go and Ian to stay. After the vengeance-fuelled Mr Branning piles on the pressure, Jane ends up stunning Ian by telling Ian that it’s over between them – and that she’s exiting on her own!

As Ian struggles to come to terms with his wife’s shocking bombshell, will he really respect Jane’s wishes and let her flee without him?

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