Emmerdale: Robert orders Chrissie’s murder!

A deadly plan is put into action in next week's episodes


Devious Robert Sugden will put a hit out on ex-wife Chrissie in next week’s Emmerdale after she starts to get suspicious about his scheme to get hold of Home Farm.


As viewers know, Robert has a fake investor by the name of Kath primed to put the estate into his hands.

Up to this point, both Rebecca and Lawrence have remained unaware that Kath is in cahoots with Robert, but Chrissie isn’t so convinced that all is genuine.

After discovering that there’s no mention of Kath’s company RTB online, Chrissie raises it in a business meeting. But after having her credentials called into question, Kath pulls out of the deal and storms off!


Robert, meanwhile, is continuing to scheme behind the scenes and sets in motion a potentially deadly plan.

After Chrissie’s vengeance-fuelled uncle Tim resurfaces, Robert asks him to complete one final job for him – a task that could well cost Chrissie her life.


Emmerdale fans will see Chrissie and Rebecca trying to win Kath back around. But little do they Whites realise that Robert has orchestrated a stunt which finds Kath dropping her keys in the road and Chrissie bending over to retrieve them.

Cue uncle Tim gunning his car engine and gunning straight for Chrissie – just as she’s standing in the middle of the street! So, will Robert’s actions now have deadly consequences?

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