Hollyoaks: could Ste Hay and Aaron Dingle get it on? Kieron Richardson calls for Emmerdale crossover!

Whatever happens, Ste is definitely getting a new love interest...


Following tonight’s shock reveal in Hollyoaks that Harry Thompson DIDN’T kill Amy Barnes after a flashback showed Ryan Knight was responsible, fans may be hoping Harry and ex-lover Ste Hay might reunite now that Tony’s tormented is son is actually innocent of the crime.


But Kieron Richardson, who plays drama-magnet Ste, urges caution on a happy ending for the troubled couple.

“If Ste finds out Harry didn’t do it that doesn’t automatically mean they’ll get back together. Like Tony pointed out, he still left her to die and didn’t call an ambulance, then let Ste go to prison knowing he had nothing to do with it. I don’t think Ste could forgive Harry that easily.

“Ste’s no angel and slept with John Paul behind his back, but Harry also cheated on him with James the night Amy died. So he may not be a killer but he’s still a cheater!”


It seems Starry are to remain apart for the time being, with Richardson also hinting that a new love interest is on the horizon for Ste. “There’s still chemistry between Ste and Harry, but in an episode we filmed recently it looks like Ste goes with someone else…”

As to who that could be, the actor wouldn’t be drawn – but he does have an idea as to a potential match for newly-single Ste: “I think Ste should drive to Leeds and have a night out with this guy called Aaron Dingle from Emmerdale!” He laughs. “They’re so similar as characters we should have some kind of special episode where they meet and get together.

“Harry and Robert Sugden would both be fuming. Imagine the fans’ reaction to that! I’m putting it out there this has to happen!”

Robron meets Starry in a dramatic Hollyoaks/Emmerdale crossover? Could we soon be seeing ‘Staron? You heard it here first…


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