Emmerdale: fire horror – Emma Barton and Moira Dingle are trapped in a burning barn next week!

As Emma's lies are exposed, will she survive Emmerdale's explosive week?


Emmerdale explodes next week when Emma Barton’s showdown with Moira Dingle leads to the rivals being trapped in a burning barn. As the truth about Emma killing her husband James a year ago finally comes to light, the village is rocked by sensational secrets and jaw-dropping shocks – and at least one death among the locals in what promises to be an unmissable week…


With her cruel manipulation of the late Ashley Thomas having been exposed by his vengeful daughter Gabby, Emma has been forced to admit James died at her hand to a horrified Finn.

As her stunned son threatens to tell the rest of the Barton boys, panicked Emma begs her youngest to stay quiet until she sorts out some unfinished business and goes to hunt down Moira Dingle.


Consumed with jealousy and bitterness towards Moira for her affair with her late husband, unstable Emma confronts her demanding answers once and for all – but the night-time confrontation at the burn turns violent as they tussle with a pitchfork which knocks out a light that starts a fire.


Soon the barnyard is ablaze with both women trapped. Terrified Moira pleads with her arch-enemy to help her, but will the barmy Barton leave her love rival to die and get away with murder again?

Meanwhile, Moira’s son Adam and wife Victoria spy the flames from afar and run over to investigate. Seeing Emma emerge from the barn with her hands dripping in blood, he chases into the woods after her brandishing a gun. But during Adam’s pursuit a shot rings out in the dark – someone is badly injured, but who?


Back at the barn, Vic waits with Moira who is in urgent need of medical help. The paramedics have been called but will they get to the scene in time?

Emmerdale are promising an unforgettable set of episodes as Emma’s year-long struggle to hide what she did to James on that bridge boils over in a catalogue of events and high-octane drama.

Numerous characters have come close to exposing her in the last 12 months, but now it seems her time could be up… Will Emma end up dead at the end of the week, or could she claim another victim meaning someone else pays the price for her irrational actions?


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