EastEnders: Carmel rushed into surgery after shock diagnosis

Kush's mum also has Brugada syndrome...

Week 38 - Carmel2

EastEnders’ Carmel Kazemi will learn she has the rare heart condition Brugada syndrome – the same diagnosis given to her son Kush on Friday that caused his recent heart attack.


Following the shock of Kush’s health crisis, the Walford mum is distraught to learn the syndrome is hereditary and her son could have inherited a faulty gene from one of his parents.

With the rest of the family potentially at risk doctors test Carmel and confirm the news she has Brugada syndrome, which interferes with electrical activity in the heart and can cause usually fast heartbeats that can lead to cardiac arrests.

Week 38 - Carmel

Kush had an emergency operation to implant a defibrillator which sends a shock to the heart if it starts beating too fast, putting his family and friends through an agonising wait to see if he’d pull through.

But in tomorrow’s episode, Carmel is told she is at risk of suffering a heart attack at any moment and is taken in for surgery herself as Kush and younger brother Shakil reel from the news.


Can the Kazemis cope with this latest health shock? And what about the rest of the clan – is anyone else in the family at risk from having a potentially fatal heart attack?

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