Emmerdale: Mark Jordon interview – “I’m glad Daz finally got a haircut – I couldn’t see over my fringe!”

The actor discusses his drastic makeover as Daz gets a beating from Dan


Emmerdale’s Spencer brothers finally came face-to-face tonight, but instead of a hug Daz got a punch in the mouth from disgusted Dan!


Bumping into his brother all suited and booted when he’d been told he was living rough and down on his luck, Dan assumed his sibling had been scamming everyone with a sob story and smacked him – unaware Daz had literally just had a makeover from caring Kerry Wyatt and Bernice White and was on the way to a job interview.

Where the siblings go from here is uncertain, but with actor Mark Jordon returning to the cast on a full-time basis following a short stint three years ago, it’s safe to assume there’s more drama ahead for Daz as he settles back into the village.

And disheveled Daz’s new look was especially welcomed by ex-Heartbeat star Jordon, as he explains to RadioTimes.com…

Were you pleased Daz finally got tidied up?

I’d been invited back to the show a long time ago and knew the storyline would be that Daz had been living on the streets, so I stopped shaving and cutting my hair before I started filming. My hair had got so long I had to pin it back when I was driving so I could see from under my fringe! So to get the haircut was quite a transformation. I was very happy to get all neat and tidy again, bless the ladies in make up at Emmerdale! Daz, and myself, looked very different after Kerry and Bernice got their hands on him.

Is Daz happier after the makeover?

Yes. He’s suffered a great indignity in that his life has been turned upside down and he’s ended up homeless so having Kerry and Bernice help him has been a blessing. Instead of the disheveled long-haired hippy he’s clean cut been washed and groomed, and has even had a manicure. Bernice sourced a suit, ill-fitting but nevertheless gives him a shot at getting a job if he can pull off the interview he has lined up, thanks to the ladies…

He bumps into his brother Dan and they end up fighting…

It’s understandable as from Dan’s point of view, he heard Daz was in Hotten and living on the streets and then he sees him all spruced up and thinks it’s all been some sort of con, unaware he’s just had this makeover and is going for this interview to get his life back on track! Dan’s first instinct is to lamp him one.


Is Daz surprised by Dan’s reaction?

There’s a bit of a backstory that comes out later, but Daz has reasons not to respond to what Dan does and it’s a key moment between the brothers. They’re coming at the situation from different angles. Poor Dan has got the wrong end of the stick… After the recent story where Dan was threatened by the youths in the shop and seemed to be quite cowardly, this is a moment for Dan to show his strength as a man and take charge – physically putting Daz in his place.

What was it like filming the fight?

We had a stunt co-ordinator who made it look brilliant, but kept us actors safe from any harm!

By the end of the episode Kerry sticks up for Daz and has thrown Dan out – is this a sign of things to come for the three of them?

It’s Kerry’s way of showing Dan what Daz has had to go through, by making Dan too what it’s like to have to work out where he’s going to sleep! Kerry clearly loves Dan but she also stands up for what she believes in and can be quite a force. It’s nice she’s sympathetic to Daz after everything that happened before. It gives me hope there’s a possibility this household could unite eventually, it’s an interesting dynamic to have these three strong characters mixing under one roof. That’s if Kerry ever lets Dan back in…!

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