EastEnders: Linda rocked by new Mick and Whitney bombshell – here’s what happens next

The Carters could well split following this latest shock

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Linda Carter has been left reeling in tonight’s EastEnders by fresh revelations about husband’s Mick’s past encounters with Whitney.


As fans witnessed earlier this year, Mick and Whitney first locked lips back in January, a kiss that Linda was unaware of…until tonight.

Prior to this evening’s episode, Linda had been led to believe that Mick’s infatuation with Whit had been a relatively recent development. But scenes just broadcast saw Denise let slip that she’d seen the pair kiss at the hospital in the aftermath of the Bridge Street bus crash.

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From the look on Linda’s face, it’s news that has rocked her world, especially seeing as it’s come just one day after the Carters reconciled.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Linda try to get revenge when she flirts with Whitney’s fiancé Woody over an awkward meal at the Queen Vic.

With the atmosphere quickly turning sour, Linda ends up telling Woody exactly what went on between Whitney and Mick – a revelation that results in the meal coming to an abrupt end.


Mick and Linda then come to blows, with the pub landlord left at a loss when his beloved L admits that she’s not sure she can move on from this.

By the climax of the episode to be shown on Tuesday 29 August, a reigned Mick is saying to Linda that if she can’t move forward, then this might be it for their marriage. Could this really be curtains for the Carters?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below


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