Coronation Street: will Mary marry Norris? First look at next week’s wedding

It's either going to be the soap wedding of the year, or a total disaster. Or both...


There’s confetti on the cobbles next week as Mary Taylor prepares to tie the knot with Norris Cole – only we know it’s all a sham. But what started out as a ruse to win a holiday has spiralled into a full-on soap wedding complete with heartbreaking secrets, long-lost relatives and last-minute revelations…


Getting cold feet about the idea of being a groom in a fake wedding for a competition, Norris reckons him and Mary should ditch the idea altogether. Only thing is, her son Jude is en route from South Africa with his wife and baby son in tow and she doesn’t want to disappoint them – so it’s all systems go.


When Jude et al arrive on Monday, his wife Angie is immediately suspicious that all is not as it seems when Mary downplays her big day. Bombarding her future mother-in-law with awkward questions about her relationship with Norris at a prenuptial spa day, Angie’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.


In Friday’s double bill Mary excitedly gets ready to be a bride – a lifelong dream fulfilled no doubt – but she admits to pal Bethany Platt she’s not proud of deceiving her son. Will she have a change of heart and realise Norris was right about ending the charade?

There are bigger secrets at stake as Jude prepares to walk his mum down the aisle and reveals he wants to track down his biological father. Having kept the truth from her son that he was conceived when Mary was raped as a teenager, this stops the bride-to-be in her tracks.


Later forced to admit her painful past to a stunned Jude when he overhears her opening her heart to Angie and Gemma, how will he react to this bombshell? Will he forgive his mother for not being honest earlier? And have Mary and Norris actually said ‘I do’?


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