EastEnders: Phil and Jay in dramatic two-hander episode next week

Jay reacts to Phil's confession he killed his dad


Jay Brown’s world is turned upside down in next week’s EastEnders when Phil Mitchell confesses a long-held secret – that he was responsible for the death of Jay’s dad. With a revelation this huge, it’s no wonder the soap is dedicating a special two-hander episode to the showdown. 


Monday is the must-see date for the confrontation between the Mitchell men, as guilty Phil finally makes the admission after Jay questions why he’s been left the car lot instead of Ben. Seeing the impact of his actions on ex-lover Lisa Fowler, Phil is trying to right the wrongs of his past and thinks telling Jay the truth will ease the guilt he’s carried around for almost a decade.


Suffice to say Jay is furious and not about to forgive Phil, and across the rest of the week the traumatised lad takes out his anger on the rest of the family as he battles with his surrogate father’s betrayal at being to blame for the demise of biological parent Jase Dyer.


Jay comes to blows with ‘brother’ Ben when he tells him Phil is a murderer and that he is no longer a Mitchell, and when Sharon learns what’s been going on she’s shellshocked.


With the full truth of Jase’s demise coming to light, has a permanent wedge been driven between Jay and the Mitchells after years of him being accepted as an honorary member of the clan? Has Phil destroyed his family by coming clean?  


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