Emmerdale: who catches Priya kissing Pete next week?

Is their fling about to be exposed?


Emmerdale’s Pete Barton and Priya Kotecha may have cooled off on their illicit lust for the moment, but they find themselves sharing a kiss next week – and it looks like someone may have caught them in the act. But who? And will they reveal to Leyla Harding her future husband has been doing the dirty?


With Pete and Leyla playing at being love’s young dream as they visit their wedding venue, lonely Priya drowns her sorrows at the zombie run event in Home Farm woods. Even when she pulls, it’s not enough to cheer her up (hopefully she’s not chatted up by one of the undead…).

Worried Nell Fairfax sneakily calls Pete and urges him to come quick as she fears Priya might get a bit loose-lipped the more booze she downs, and the beleaguered Barton makes an excuse to Leyla and is quickly on the scene.


Reassuring his former mistress she’s bound to find love with someone more suitable – and more single – soon, plastered Priya gets the wrong end of the stick and goes in for a kiss… Not realising young Sarah Dingle is hanging around nearby.

Has she seen the couple in their secret clinch? How has Pete responded to Priya going in for a snog? As if Pete and Leyla’s upcoming nuptials weren’t doomed enough…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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