EastEnders: Lisa keeps Louise prisoner as her condition deteriorates, will Phil find them before it’s too late?

Time is running out for Lou as her mum's mental state worsens...


Unstable Lisa Fowler is keeping her sick daughter Louise Mitchell prisoner having abducted her from hospital – but with the teenager still recovering from serious injuries, being away from doctors means her life is in danger. If she doesn’t get back to receiving proper medical care, the consequences could be fatal…


Picking up from yesterday’s cliffhanger where Lisa went loopy and sneaked Lou out of the ward by lying to staff she was just taking her for a little walk, mother and daughter were last seen in a cab heading for the train station.


When Phil and Sharon were told by nurses the pair had gone for some fresh air in the hospital grounds, they thought nothing of it – but realised to their horror when they failed to show up that Lisa had done a runner with her little girl.

With the police unable to track them down, Phil figured out Lisa must’ve been at the Mitchell house earlier when he discovered the shattered family photos covered in blood – following Lisa’s flip out when she broke in and started smashing up the sideboard.    


Finally finding Lisa’s address, Mr and Mrs Mitchell broke down the door of a flat that was much grottier than Lou’s mum had led them to believe – and while the place was empty, they made the worrying discovery of a load of medication that Lisa had clearly not been taking. So pretty much everything Lisa told them about how she’d got her life back on track was obviously a lie.

Having been warned by doctors that if Louise doesn’t return to the hospital soon to continue with her treatment her recovery could be in jeopardy and her wounds may become infected, frantic Phil began to fear for his daughter’s safety – as he knows all too well what troubled Lisa is capable of…  


Phil’s right to be worried as we saw a groggy Louise, clearly in pain, wake up in a strange bed, questioning her whereabouts while a calm – but creepy – Lisa lied to her daughter she’d agreed with her dad she needs to stay away from the Square and they would be hiding out in this hotel room in an as-yet-undisclosed location so her mum could look after her…


Where has Lisa taken Louise? What will happen if Lou doesn’t get proper medical care? Can Phil find her in time? And what will the feuding former lovers do to each other when they come face to face again? Someone might not come out of this alive…

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