Neighbours: Matt Wilson interview – “Aaron’s mum drops a bombshell which changes everything for the family”

Get ready for the Brennan boys to be blown apart


Life is looking up for Neighbours’ Aaron Brennan this week when he finally gets together with David Tanaka after a protracted period of ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ – but the Erinsborough entrepreneur’s happiness won’t last long as a blast from the past is set to turn his world upside down.


The arrival in Friday’s episode of Fay, the Brennan brothers’ estranged mother, puts the cat among the pigeons for the buff boys, and starts a big storyline set to play out over the summer.

We caught up with Matt Wilson, who plays Aaron, about how his character will be going from loved up to shell-shocked in the coming weeks…

Why has it take so long for Aaron and David to finally get together?

Because the writers are having an absolute ball with it! How much television could you make from people who get together instantly? It’s been frustrating to see them almost get there, we’re with the audience in that we wanted it to happen as there’d been a series of near misses.

Do you think they make a good couple?

Yes. It’s definitely a case of opposites attract. David is everything Aaron wants to be: successful, intelligent, doesn’t have enemies. Aaron is everything David wants to be: an extrovert, outgoing, confident, comfortable as a gay man. They look up to each other which is kind of cute. 

They get together at karaoke night at the Waterhole, do you get to serenade David?

Not quite! Aaron sings this really upbeat poppy song, the words really resonate and by this stage other characters are pushing them both to just be honest with each other about how they feel. It was very embarrassing to shoot they dub the sound on afterwards so I had an earpiece that was really static, and was was trying to sing along to nothing in front of about 30 people!

Are they pleased to be together?

Over the moon. There is a scene where they say ‘We took our time getting there didn’t we’, they are really in love with each other – to the point where you get sick of it! They’re just making out everywhere! 

Aaron’s mum Fay then arrives, what can you tell us about their relationship?

Fay split up from Russell, Aaron’s dad, and moved to Adelaide with her daughter, the Brennan sister we’ve never met. Fay hasn’t played a big part in the boys’ lives and hasn’t been there when they needed her. Everyone has their own problems with their mum, with issues unique for each of the brothers.

What’s Aaron’s issue?

When Aaron was coming out she wasn’t around, she was everything to him then she just disappeared and created a different life. He feels abandoned. It takes a while for them to sort things out, but once they do there’s another bombshell which I can’t talk about yet… It’s been a tough couple of months filming some exhausting, serious stuff.

Does David help Aaron connect with Fay?

David has been through the revelation of finding his father and steps in because he knows what Aaron’s going through. It’s nice that he’s there and being supportive, like Aaron was there for Leo and David. He doesn’t have too much of an interjection its more his presence.

Are they going to be happy?

After Fay’s revelation it gets very focused on the Brennan family so the love story takes a backseat unfortunately. It’s still there and their relationship will continue but it basically becomes the Brennan show for a while!  

What else can you tell us about Fay’s character?

She’s loving, but a bit of a coward. She chooses flight instead of fight in every situation which frustrates the family and is the cause of a lot of problems. Her actions have big consequences.

Are you enjoying having a more dramatic storyline after the romance?

One of the writers said a while ago I should enjoy the fun stuff while I can because things were going to get very dark for a long time! I’m pleased the character is growing and we get to show vulnerability, the audience grows with you in a way.

What other kind of roles would you like to play in the future?

I’m a bit of a boy and I love action movies, I like the sort of larrikin characters Chris Pratt plays. There’s bravado and fun but also a dramatic side. Miles Teller makes really interesting choices too, from Whiplash to War Dogs where he shows off his comedy side. I wouldn’t say no to art house movies but I’d rather get into the fun stuff!

Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.