Emmerdale: Debbie flirts with Ross lookalike Cory

But does Debbie really fancy this village newcomer?


Emmerdale fans hoping that Ross and Debbie would be reuniting for good will be dealt a further blow in tonight’s double bill of the ITV soap.


Those keeping a close watch on the drama know that Debbie has already had a night of passion with Ross this week, after he confessed his love for her.

But the morning after the night before proved to be awkward, especially when Cain found out about what had been going on and issued Ross with a stark warning should he break his daughter’s heart again.

All of which led to Ross and Debbie opting to be friends rather than partners, despite both appearing to instantly regret their decision.


Now, though, it looks as though Debbie will try to put her feelings for Ross to one side when she starts flirting with handsome stranger Cory, who does bear a passing resemblance to a certain Barton bad boy.

With things already strained between Debbie and Ross, could village newcomer Cory end up making matters a whole lot worse?

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