Neighbours: police raid on Ramsay Street – dramatic new pictures

Paige and Terese are in danger as cops storm the Willis house


The suburban calm of Ramsay Street is ruined when armed police officers storm the Willis house in Neighbours next week, terrifying Terese and stepdaughter Paige Smith as they are wrestled to the ground – but why do the cops suddenly descend?


With no word of warning, rifle-waving policemen from the critical response unit kick down the door of number 22 and raid the property. Confused and fearing for her and Paige’s life, Terese pleads with the boys in black this all must be a misunderstanding and to call their friendly neighbourhood copper Mark Brennan.

Successfully diffusing the situation, quick-thinking Terese manages to calm perplexed Paige down and it soon emerges that the police received a hoax call which led to the raid – and the person behind the sick prank was someone close to home…

Piper is stunned when she hears of her mum and sister’s ordeal, and after doing some digging she’s horrified to find out the hoax call came from her online troll who had sent her a threatening message just prior to the police’s surprise visit to the street.

Mark maintains the immediate threat is over, but scared Piper is convinced her internet tormentor must be someone she knows. The tough teen had been avoiding social media after her recent wave of online abuse, but in the run-up to the raid a cruel comment about Terese’s cancer diagnosis is brought to her attention – the first sign the stalker is close to the family and is prepared to use anything against them.

Having posted one last vlog as an act of defiance against the haters before shutting down all her profiles, Piper then blames herself for pushing the bully into staging the twisted hoax and putting her family in peril.

And it seems like the nightmare is set to continue as Piper’s fella Tyler Brennan then gets a nasty text warning his girlfriend that this is not over yet…

Who is Piper’s abuser, and how far will they go to make her life a misery?

Neighbours airs these dramatic scenes on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.