EastEnders: Bex Fowler attacked, Mads and Alex busted!

Have the Walford High bullies finally been brought to justice?


EastEnders’ Bex Fowler was the victim of another terrifying attack by school bullies Alexandra D’Costa and Madison Blake in tonight’s episode – but this time the mean girls were caught red-handed. Will the be properly punished at long last?


As Bex prepared to perform at the school talent showcase, her old enemies hatched a plan to ruin her big moment and dragged her into an empty room as she was about to take to the stage.

Throwing the petrified pupil around, the situation got violent as Alex and Mads threatened to slam Bex’s hand in the cupboard door so she couldn’t play her guitar. What the toxic twosome didn’t realise was that Ms Fowler’s microphone was on, and back at the mixing desk Shakil Kazemi could hear ever word…   

Shocked Shaks whacked the speakers right up so the whole audience could hear Bex screaming for mercy as Alex and Mads taunted the teen – interrupting Louise Mitchell’s kissing scene with hunky Travis Law-Hughes in their scene from Romeo and Juliet (with Lou stepping in at the last minute when evil Alex disappeared). 

Realising something very nasty was going down backstage, Bex’s parents Sonia and Martin ran from the audience along with the teachers to investigate – and found fragile Bex locked in a cupboard reeling from her ordeal.  

Meanwhile, the gruesome twosome stormed the stage and Alex unleashed her aggro at Louise for stealing her place as Juliet – then came the revelation from Ms Mitchell that Bex’s mic was on and the whole audience just heard exactly what evil Alex and menacing Mads had done… 

Finally faced with concrete evidence of their bullying, the head of Walford High demanded the dastardly duo go straight to their office and explain themselves. 

As Bex recovered from her excruciating evening with the support of her parents and pals, the scales fell from Louise’s eyes as to Mads and Alex’s true colours as she worked out the girls were the ones who spiked her drink at her party that got her into all that bother with Keegan Baker. 

Thankfully the horrific night ended on a happy night for Bex when the audience chanted her name and insist she play her song as planned – so brave Bex strapped on her guitar and performed her self-penned ballad Boxed Up Broken Heart for the encouraging crowd. 

Mads and Alex will most certainly have to pay for their their bad behaviour now – but their reign of terror is not over yet.

Next week’s episodes focus on the school prom, where it’s been teased the mean girls will strike again… But how? And what will the consequences be? From what we understand, tonight’s antics were just a taster of what’s to come…  

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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