Hollyoaks: Adam Donovan finds out if Toby is really his son…

The paternity tests results are in - so who's the daddy?


Hollyoaks has revealed the results of Adam Donovan’s paternity test to determine once and for all whether he’s little Toby Wilde’s father – and guess what?


He is.

Earlier this week, Adam was stunned when a man called Marcus swanned into the village claiming to be Toby’s real dad. Maxine had always held suspicions that Adam’s deceitful ex Darcy had lied about Toby’s true parentage when she miraculously reappeared five years after disappearing with a kid in tow.

Taking the paternity test, Adam paid Marcus to leave Darcy and Toby after threatening to take the kiddy away from his mum  once he’d recovered from his recent life-saving operation, but the incident pushed abs-heavy Ads to take a paternity test as reassurance that he was the daddy.


Torturing himself until he got the truth, the desperate Donovan finally opened the envelope as he held vigil at sick Toby’s bedside and had it confirmed Darcy has been telling the truth and Marcus was a lying con man.

Unfortunately it’s not all happy families just yet, as Adam told Maxine the experience with Toby meant he wanted to ditch buying their expensive dream home for now. Deflated Maxine pretended to understand, but she secretly put the deposit down anyway, hoping it would be a nice surprise when her hubby eventually changed his mind: what she doesn’t know is that Adam used their cash to pay Marcus off…

With Max barely forgiven for thinking Darcy had lied about Toby’s illness, how will Mr Donovan react when he finds out his jealous other half has gone against his wishes?

And with Darcy ready to sink her claws into Adam at the first sign of trouble between him and Maxine, and the truth about Toby’s paternity bonding the old flames further, is the bitchy blonde’s dream of stealing her ex back slowly becoming a reality?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.