Emmerdale: Laurel knows Emma is evil! Will she bring her to justice?

Will Laurel turn detective to get to the truth?


Emmerdale’s Laurel has branded evil Emma “a conniving cow” after realising that she is somehow implicated in the death of the late James Barton.


Laurel came to the realisation after her son Arthur finally revealed that he’d seen the video of Emma trying to confuse an ailing Ashley, who’d witnessed her on the road bridge on the fateful day of the Hotton bypass crash last October.

Choosing to believe Arthur’s version of events rather than Emma’s, Laurel is now convinced that the bonkers Barton matriarch is up to no good.


Emma, though, doesn’t yet know that she’s rumbled, seeing as Laurel has chosen only to confide in Ashley’s close friend Bob. Scenes just broadcast saw Laurel tell the cafe owner:

“Arthur’s not the one lying. It’s Emma. Ashley saw her on the bridge when James died. Nobody believed him. Everyone just thought it was the dementia talking, but he was right. She was there.”


Now aware of Emma’s efforts to traumatise Arthur and her bid to hide something major, Laurel is determined to get to the truth. But will she end up putting herself in danger as a result?

As we know, Emma will go to extreme lengths to evade justice  – so might Laurel be her next victim?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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