Neighbours: Susan Kennedy collapses in dramatic scenes next week

A new health crisis looms for the Ramsay Street teacher


Neighbours is lining up more drama for Susan Kennedy next week when she collapses at school – is her fragile health at risk again? 


As Ramsay Street unites to help troubled teen Xanthe Canning as she returns to school, Susan can’t help but feel responsible for her pupil’s problems as she was powerless to stop her manipulation at the hands of evil Finn Kelly during her enforced sick leave. 

Pushing herself by covering classes for Elly Conway while her niece goes hunting for Xanthe who flees school after an emotional outburst, Susan deliberately misses an important medical appointment – much to hubby Karl’s horror. 

Pleading to his wife that she puts her health first and stops blaming herself for what happened to Xanthe, stressed Susan insists she can cope and that she wants to make amends for not doing enough to protect the vulnerable girl. 


Tragedy strikes for the tired-out teacher when she collapses at school, and is unable to move without grandson Ben’s help… 

Recovering from the fall, Mrs K is mortified and ends up back in hospital. Despite the collapse indicating her MS symptoms have potentially flared up, Susan refuses to slow down and ignores Karl’s wishes she take time off.

But the determined doctor won’t take no for an answer and books a relaxing break in Thailand for the two of them – finally forcing Susan to admit she needs to take it easy.


Leaving Elly in charge as acting principal, Susan is hopeful Ms Conway will resolve her own professional confidence issues brought about by the Finn debacle. But as pleased as Elly is that Auntie Susan is having a holiday, she confides in Mark Brennan her secret fears she’s not up to the job. 

The cute copper is full of advice and support for his neighbour as to how to make a success of filling in the principal role – but could there be more than friendship brewing for this pretty pair?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 21 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.