Emmerdale: Laurel suspects Emma after Arthur’s confession – here’s what happens next

The game could soon be up for the nasty nurse...


Laurel Thomas is closer to the truth about evil Emma Barton after tonight’s Emmerdale, in which little Arthur dropped some worrying hints that all is not what it seems with the nasty nurse.


Emma has been manipulating Laurel’s son into keeping quiet about the shocking video footage he saw of Emma deliberately confusing Arthur’s late dad Ashley in the months leading up to his death while he was in the grip of dementia, just to preserve her deadly secret that she pushed her ex-husband James off the bridge that caused the devastating motorway pile-up.


Emotionally blackmailing him into not saying anything to Laurel by claiming it would make his mum seriously ill and could actually kill her, anxious Arthur has been suffering in silence while the Machiavellian medic makes him think he may lose his mum not long after his dad’s demise – and it would be all his fault. 

After discovering Arthur had been wetting the bed, Laurel ironically confided in Emma who urged her not to talk to the boy for fear of embarrassing him, while the barmy Barton panicked at the possibility of being exposed.

In tonight’s episode, Arthur called an ambulance when he couldn’t wake Laurel from sleeping on the sofa, even though she’d only drifted off for a nap. Realising her son is genuinely scared she could die, Mrs T and pal Bob Hope got it out of Arthur that Emma told him Laurel was dying, then unleashed a tirade about how the nurse was a liar and forced him to keep quiet about a ‘terrible thing’ he’d done…


Confused Laurel initially blamed it on Arthur’s emotional state as he continues to process Ashley’s death, but a conversation with Bob in the cafe led her to the horrifying realisation that the kid could be telling the truth. “What if Emma has been telling Arthur I’m dying?” she wondered. As she nervously glanced over at Emma, it appeared the caring friend act was beginning to wear off for Laurel…


Fans won’t have to wait very long for Laurel to tackle Emma on Arthur’s claims – on Monday she confronts her, forcing the crazed killer to think on her feet and try and talk her way out of it… Will she succeed or is Emma’s reign of terror finally coming to a close? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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