Coronation Street: Eva left floored by Aidan and Maria affair bombshell – what happens next?

Will Eva go out for revenge?


Eva made a devastating discovery in tonight’s Coronation Street when she found out that boyfriend Aidan has secretly been seeing Maria.


A shock turn of events saw Aidan hook his tablet up to the TV before heading to the bedroom with Maria, failing to notice that a text had come through from Eva saying that she was coming home early from France.

As Eva made her sudden arrival, Aidan was forced to convince Eva to head to the cafe, all the while hiding a half-dressed Maria from view.

Thinking he’d got away with it, Aidan was soon breathing a huge sigh of relief. But then came the cliffhanger moment later on when – back at the flat – Eva was seen chatting with Leanne about the possibility of being pregnant with Aidan’s baby, only to turn on the TV and get the surprise of her life.

With Aidan’s tablet still connected to the telly, Eva saw this message:

Followed by this:

All of which left her sickened as she realised that Aidan and Maria must be having an affair!

Corrie fans won’t have long to wait until they find out what happens next as the ITV soap returns at 8.30pm. But viewers can expect Aidan to sit Eva down with the intention of dumping her. But Eva has a surprise of her own in store – could this be something to do with the pregnancy test that she was just seen taking?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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