Coronation Street: Samia Longchambon interview – “I don’t fancy Maria’s chances against Eva!”

This love triangle is going to end very badly now Eva knows everything, says the Street star


Coronation Street’s latest love triangle explodes tomorrow night when Eva Price discovers fiance Aidan Connor is cheating on her with her friend Maria Connor. The repercussions of this will be felt for months as Eva decides not to immediately confront the the pair, but to bide her time and plan a long, slow and very painful revenge.


So Maria should be afraid – very afraid. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time the single mum stylist’s romantic life has taken a turn for the disastrous: to call Maria unlucky in love is quite the understatement.

What started as a one-night stand following too much wine last year has developed into a full-blown affair between the cousins-by-marriage, with Maria willingly becoming the other woman when Aidan initially refused to leave Eva. As we chat to Samia Longchambon on the Corrie set, what’s immediately clear is that even she can’t defend Maria’s actions this time…

How did you feel about Maria being the one to reignite the affair?

I’m not even going to defend that! At the time, I actually questioned whether she would really do this and had a chat with the story editors. When we talked it through, I realised it’s because she believes there’s a chance for them to be a proper couple and that’s why she’s happy to go along with being the other woman because eventually Aidan will realise he’s the woman of her dreams… Except he won’t!

So she believes him when he says he’ll dump Eva?

Yes. She’s a massive fool, I feel like banging her head against a wall. I love Maria but she frustrates the life out of me! She should’ve learnt by now, in fact she should’ve learnt about 16 years ago when Tyrone cheated on her with Fiz. But yes, Aidan now says he’ll finish with Eva but there’s always a reason why he doesn’t.

Is it more a case of wanting to believe him?

Exactly. Deep down, she probably knows that he’s stringing her along but she wants to believe it so badly because she’s in love with him. It’s not just a lust thing, because she’s got a history with Aidan as well because he’s Liam’s cousin. And he was completely there for her when crazy Caz was on the loose, so she believes he’s in love with her and that ultimately will choose her over Eva.

Is Maria worried about the repercussions?

I think she is, she doesn’t want to hurt Eva and isn’t doing this to be vindictive or a bitch, she’s genuinely in love with Aidan and thinks she’s more suited to him than Eva. But she is worried. I’d be worried – I wouldn’t want a beating off Eva, I don’t fancy Maria’s chances when she finds out.


Does she feel guilty or is she blinded by love?

She does feel guilty but at the same time is completely besotted with Aidan, so she’s justifying it in her head. To her it’s not just a fling, this is the real deal.

Eva announces she’s pregnant, dose that change things for Maria?

Massively. That’s a complete game changer because she realises in that moment that Aidan has been stringing her along. She tells Aidan he needs to sort his head out, she’s watched Liam grow up without a dad and wouldn’t wish that on any child and in that moment, Maria says she’s done.

As Eva plans her revenge, what would you do to Aidan?

I’d have prawns in the curtain rail and everything, I’d cut one leg out of all his suits – I’d go bunny on it. Which probably isn’t far from what Eva’s going to do, to be fair!

Have you enjoyed the love triangle storyline?

I have, it’s been lots of fun and it’s always great working with Cath (Tyldesley) and Shayne (Ward), but each week we’ve been opening the scripts and loving all the twists and turns. It’s been a classic love triangle but it doesn’t feel like it’s dragged on and on too long, because each week there’s been different things happening to take it in other directions and move the story forward.


Maria’s not had a lot of luck with men has she?

No! I see her as the girl next door who’s never quite going to get that happy ending she craves. Her heart is in the right place and she loves her friends and family, but there’s a missing piece. I think since Liam died, she’s never replicated that big love they had. It’s quite sad really.

Would you like her to settle down with someone else?

I think Maria and David should get together! I keep saying that to Jack P Shepherd. He’s not opposed to it! They’re quite similar in that both have had their partners murdered, both have kids, they’ve worked in the salon all these years and grown up together and know each other inside out. Actually I think Maria needs to give men a break and be on her own for a while but if I could choose who she gets with, I’m Team David.

Your life is very different to Maria’s, how do you get into her head when she makes yet another mistake?

I’m used to it. I’m 35 next month and I started on Corrie when I was 17 so I’ve been Maria for literally half my life. It’s not that difficult to leave her behind when I go home, I just get my jeans on and I’m mum again.

Can you see yourself being there for another 17 years?

I don’t know. When I joined it was just for three months and then seemed a long time, when you’re a jobbing actress anything longer than a week is long-term. So I don’t know, I try not to think that far ahead. I’m here for the foreseeable and I love the job.

What would you like for Maria in the future?

I don’t know, it’s an interesting question. The writers they’ve steered her in lots of different directions which have been interesting over the years so I just leave it to them. From my own point of view, I’d quite like her to redeem herself a little bit after the Aidan thing. And I can see her rivalry with Eva turn them into the next Eileen and Gail! I’d love for them to have a big scrap like that… 

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