Emmerdale: Cain to throw Ross out of a window?

Will Ross regret getting on the wrong side of Cain?


Ross Barton has been left in a perilous place at the climax to tonight’s first episode of Emmerdale – the cliffhanger (or should that be ledge-hanger?) seeing him being dangled out of an upstairs window by volatile captor Cain Dingle.


Cain was seen losing his cool in dramatic style after getting riled up by a snarky Ross, who was mocking him over his feelings for injured village vicar Harriet Finch.

Already annoyed with Ross for getting involved with drug dealers who’d landed Harriet in hospital with a stab wound, Cain then unleashed the full force of his anger after Moira and Finn suddenly arrived on the scene.

Having tracked Cain and Ross down to Wylie’s Farm, Moira tried to defuse an already volatile situation, only for Cain to see red in the face of Ross’s sarcasm.

Grabbing hold of his captive by the lapels, Cain dragged him towards an open window and looked set to chuck him out.

So, can Cain be stopped from taking rash action? Or is Ross set to be a high-profile casualty of this week’s dramatic events? You can find out when Emmerdale returns at 8:00pm.

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