EastEnders: Kush arrested following clash with Keegan?

Will the police discover the truth about Bronson the dog's soaking?


Kush Kazemi looks set to get a grilling from the police in tomorrow’s EastEnders following a clash with teen terror Keegan Baker.


Kind-hearted Kush was seen taking the blame following an incident in the park between Denise and dog Bronson that saw the Taylors’ pet pooch end up in the local pond.

The reason for the soaking was because Bronson just happened to be grappling with Denise’s handbag and she’d done her best to fend him off. But when Keegan challenged Denise over her actions, Kush took the blame and said that Bronson took a dip thanks to his intervention.

A vindictive Keegan then promised that he’d make sure they were arrested for what they’d done.


Later on in the episode, Kush and Denise went round to the Taylors’ flat to apologise, only to be told by no-nonsense matriarch Karen that they’d need to stump up money to cover any vets’ bills.

Denise then countered by saying that Bronson might well end up being put down should she reveal that the dog was off his lead at the time of the incident. Having reached a stalemate, Karen showed Kush and Denise the door – fans of the BBC1 soap then thinking that this was the end of the matter.


But then it transpired that Keegan had made good on his promise to get the police involved, with officers turning up on Kush’s doorstep to ask him for further details.

Friday’s episode will definitely see Kush feel the ramifications of his encounter with Keegan, while Denise also prepares to be interviewed. Keegan too will also get a visit from the law – but whose version of events will the police believe?

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