Did Kat and Alfie die in shock Redwater cliffhanger?

And will the EastEnders spin-off get a second series?


The lives of EastEnders favourites Kat and Alfie Moon have been left hanging in the balance at the climax to spin-off series Redwater.


The BBC1 drama ended tonight with both characters looking set to be killed off – Kat having fallen into the sea where she was struck by the propellers of an out-of-control boat, while Alfie was seen flatlining mid-way through an operation.

The BBC told RadioTimes.com that “no decision has been made” on whether Redwater will get a second series and there are no current plans to reveal Kat and Alfie’s fate in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

The six-part drama saw the Moons decamp to Ireland in order to track down Kat’s long-lost son, who turned out to be local priest Dermott.

The trouble was that Dermott was soon revealed to be homicidal, bumping off the village’s elder statesman Lance in the opening episode and putting Kat’s future at risk in this evening’s finale.

Alfie, meanwhile, discovered that he needed emergency surgery on a brain tumour, only his life signs to crash in the show’s final minutes.

But with no announcement of a second series having currently been made, fans may be left without answers as to what Kat and Alfie’s fate will turn out to be. Could this be a cliffhanger that never gets resolved?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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