EastEnders: Sharon left stunned by bombshell news about Dennis

Sharon's son is revealed to have passed on personal information about Louise


The accusations were flying on tonight’s EastEnders as Sharon labelled Karen a bad mother for raising a teen terror like Keegan.


But in the end it was the Mitchell matriarch who was given food for thought after the truth came out about what happened to Louise on the night she and Keegan supposedly had sex.

A protective Sharon was seen in belligerent mood, quizzing Keegan as to how – when he’d admitted to have lied about sleeping with Louise – he just happened to know about a birthmark she had on an intimate part of the body.

As the atmosphere got increasingly heated, it was finally revealed that it was Sharon’s son Dennis who gave Keegan the personal information about Louise.

With Sharon and Karen still at each others’ throats, it was left to Louise to call a halt to the arguing when she asked Keegan outright why he’d decided to make her life a living hell. For his part, Keegan could only offer an apology by way of explanation.

In the aftermath, Keegan was seen sullenly watching television in silence, while back at the Mitchells’, Sharon made it plain to Dennis that he shouldn’t associate with kids like him in the future.

But will Dennis listen to his mum’s words of warning? And is Keegan truly sorry for his actions? Find out when EastEnders returns at 7:30pm on Thursday.

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