Home and Away: Justin to be left heartbroken after Phoebe’s exit

It's curtains for the couple when a tough decision has to be made


Home and Away is lining up emotional scenes for Justin Morgan as his relationship with Phoebe Nicholson breaks down in the coming weeks, leading to her departure from Summer Bay.


The engaged couple have tried to make their romance work, despite being open about wanting different things out of life, and had planned to travel together for a year before properly settling down after musician Phoebe was offered the chance to tour the USA.

But free spirit Phoebe has felt the distance grow between her and Justin even more since his estranged daughter Ava came back into his life.

In upcoming episodes, Phoebe and Justin prepare to leave for their epic globetrotting trip, but seeing the bond between father and daughter develop makes Ms Nicholson realise she can’t ask him to abandon Ava again.

At a farewell party thrown by the locals, Phoebe bites the bullet and tells Justin she can’t take him away from his kid and thinks they should try being long-distance. But Justin insists they break up, as he doesn’t want to hold her back and make Phoebe put her life on hold for him once she leaves town.

The crushed rock chick begs him to change his mind, but Justin is adamant – it’s over.

Handing back the engagement ring, Phoebe drives away from Summer Bay forever as lonely Justin reflects on what could’ve been…

However, it’s not just the collapse of his love life Justin has to cope with in the next few weeks, as his brother Brody’s descent into drug addiction takes a dramatic twist. Looks like the eldest of the Morgan clan won’t be smiling again any time soon… 


Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June and airs every weekday on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.